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In the history, Melnik is one of the oldest cities. The hight and sheer sand shoreds, which have embraced Melnik in its whole area, are called "melove" and probably these are the origin of the name of the city.
Jolly and peaceful is the life in Melnik, its traditions for long time have revealed their treasure and have spken its word.
There is no popular style in the city, because the locals develop themselves in different ways but their culture is the same. Of course we must not forget that the production of wine is the secret of this city. This divine elixir for centuries is considered as the enchantment of Melnik.
Two sorts of red wine were produced in Melnik. One from fresh grapes and another - made from dried grapes which had long durability.
Afer a few - year storage the wine gained such qualities, which gave it opportunity with the European wines and was intended for European market where it was highly marked and requested.
The red wine was stored in deep basements with constant temperature, which were built in.
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